5 Books That Can Help Teach Anyone How to Play Chess

Looking to invest in some chess books to help you improve your game or you child’s game. Check out these 5 books that Chess Made Fun recommends.

Chess 101
Everything a new chess player needs to know. This book is a great guide to getting you started playing, and even goes over notation which will help you understand more chess books. This is an easy read, and will get you playing over the board in no time.

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
This book is an absolute must for beginning to intermediate players. Bobby Fischer helps you see and understand the game in a whole new way. Tons of puzzles with the answers are provided and explained. Pick this book up today if you want to improve your game.

Chess Is Child’s Play
This book is written for parents, and teaches them how to teach chess to their children. This book introduces mini-games in a way that is easy and fun for the kids to learn. There are tips for the parents. Even if you don’t know how to play chess this book will help you teach this beautiful game to your children.

Chess: 5334 Problems Combinations and Games
If you are new to chess there is a good chance your endgame is difficult and checkmate seems impossible somedays. This book has puzzles that will train you to look at checkmate in a whole new light. This book gets increasingly challenging, but we encourage you to start from the beginning to really improve in chess.

Chess Camp Set Volumes 1-7
Are your kids learning chess, or in an after-school program? These books are great and full of puzzles that will have your kids thinking while unplugged from their device. There are seven different books with different themes to start your kids from the beginning, or they may choose their level and start them there. These puzzles offer hours of fun while improving their chess game.

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