Thinking of starting and online chess club for your community? Chess Made Fun recommends the top 5 things you need:

  1. Chess Players – I know it sounds simple, but you have to find chess players who are willing to play online. If your county or school already has a chess club find players there first.
  2. Location – Determine what website you want to play chess on as a group. We recommend You may add members to your club, or send a link for them to join. Once in the online club you may see which members are online, and ready for a game, or currently playing.
  3. Calendar with notifications – In today’s world it is easy to forget when your chess club’s next event is. We recommend creating a Facebook group for your members. You may set events that will send a reminder to your players. Members may also post puzzles, or share fun chess information.
  4. Computer – We recommend playing online chess as a group on a computer. You can play from the web browser on your phone, but it’s kind of clunky. does have an mobile app, but it doesn’t allow you to access the club from the app currently.
  5. Coaches – Find and recruit chess coaches in your area to join the club. They may offer a good game of chess for your top players, or might be willing to teach an online chess lesson for your new players.

Once you have members consider raffling off a chess board or t-shirt to raise excitement for your events.


Don’t get discouraged if there is a low turnout at first, and remember to be consistent and show up to play!

What has helped your chess club grow in your area?

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