5 Tips for Marketing Your Chess Club

Website and Email Management

One of the best ways to market your chess club is to set up a website.  Make sure to include a pop-up form or “contact us” form so potential members may reach out to you, or provide you their information.  Today email marketing is easy to achieve with some free options out there for basic accounts.  Keep your members aware of your events online and in person to increase awareness, and drive more people to your events. 

Printed Materials

Print up a business card and consider a marketing sheet with the basic rules of chess.  Something people won’t throw away.  There are a variety of ways you can promote your business through printed materials.  Hand them to potential members at events, or leave them at small businesses in your area.  When new players come out and don’t know how to play hand them a rules sheet with your branding on it so they may reference for help.  Many times new players will hang on to these and use at home. 

Network Within Your Community

Find small businesses that will promote your events with signage or social media posts.  Advertise to chess clubs at schools.  Consider going to small business networking events and asking members to help promote events.  Find the chess coaches in your area, and let them know you are holding chess events to see if their students are interested in playing. 

Social Media

Find a social media platform that a majority of your members use.  Set up a group where you can create a community and post events.  Members will enjoy seeing pictures of the event.  You may also post puzzles, or ask for tips from the community.  Consider posting an event and sharing it to local Facebook groups to get the word out in the community. 

Reach Out to Members

Don’t forget to call or email your members to remind them about upcoming events.  This type of interaction can help increase participation at club events.  

List in Directories

Make sure your club is listed and contact info is up to date in chess club directories within the US.  You may list clubs at chessmadefun.com, uscf.org and your local/state club directories.  Also, check with county publications to see if they will list your local events for free or a low cost usually.  This will help non-chess players in the community find you. 

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