There are countless benefits to teaching your child the game of chess.  The excitement alone on their faces as they learn will be rewarding.  If that’s not enough, Chess Made Fun has selected the top 6 reasons for you.

#6 – Great History

Chess is the oldest board game still in existence going back almost 1,500 years.  The game has been handed down through the generations. 

#5 – Simple Rules

Although chess is thought of as a complex game it is very easy to learn and begin playing. 

#4 – Building Relationships

Chess bridges the gap between different age groups where conversation can flourish.

#3 – Low cost fun

With proper piece storage a chess set is all you need for a lifetime of play.

#2 – Technology-Off Approach

Playing chess over the board offers hours of fun while being plugged into the game versus a device. 

#1 – Improves Math and English Scores

Chess teaches patience, problem solving, planning ahead, and most importantly, good sportsmanship.

If you are ready to introduce your child to chess check out this article, When is a good time to teach my child chess, for tips on teaching chess to children 0-10 years of age. Through this unique time of social distancing plan for some technology-off, hands-on chess fun.

If you do not own a chess set yet we recommend a tournament travel chess set with bag. This chess set is the perfect size for young players. The board and pieces make visualizing the board a breeze.

Let us know your favorite reason why chess should be taught to children.

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