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Tournament Style

 We truly feel this standard tournament chessboard is the very best option for beginning chess players, especially for young children and older adults. The large squares and larger pieces make play an ease leaving little doubt that the correct move was made.  This board rolls up into a travel bag that the pieces also go into making this board convenient to store, or to take with you.  


Wooden Travel Set

 If you are a true chess enthusiast you may prefer a wooden travel set.  There are many options.  Some favorites have the pieces inside a folding board. Others come with a bag or box to carry the pieces and the board folds separately.  If you are looking for something specific that you do not see on this site send us a message below, and we will find something that matches your style!  


Wooden Box Set

 There is nothing like playing chess at home over a wooden board.  Wooden box sets are nice to play on and do not take up the room a chess table does.  Store it under the bed or in the closet until you are ready to use.  Typically there are drawers for the pieces, or the top may be removed so the pieces may be accessed from inside.  This design reduces the chance of misplacing pieces.