Coffee Shop Chess

Coffee shops around the US are a great place to meet and play chess. Chess coaches often use coffee shops as meeting locations for chess lessons. Interestingly enough if you talk long enough to a coffee shop employee about chess they will usually know a chess coach or strong chess player who frequents the coffee shop.

If the coffee shop is large enough it usually creates a perfect venue for your chess club meetups. We suggest asking them what a slow day and time is to pick for you meetup.

Checkout this news story about how one barista increased foot traffic to her coffee shop by playing chess with patrons.


This is just one example of chess happening in one coffee shop. There are tons of stories of how chess has been introduced and played in coffee shops around the US.

We assure you if you set out a chess set people will sit down to play. They will share with others and before long you will have your regulars enjoying a good game. Download our “Basic Rules of Chess” to set out for those who might not know all of the rules.

If you are a coffee shop owner who would like to add chess at your location let us know. We would love to help you pick the perfect chess set and provide information to help make chess at your coffee shop successful.

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