Common Types of Endgames in Chess

We recently shared what check is in chess?  Checkout this blog on check for more information.  Today we are going to share common types of endgames in chess. 
  1. Checkmate – When you put the King in check and he cannot block, capture or escape check this means the King is checkmated and the game is over.   The person who checkmated the opponents king wins. 
  2. Resign – Either player may choose to forfeit the game resulting in a loss for that player. 
  3. Draw – Is a tie.  There are may ways to draw a game Stalemate, the king is not in check but has no legal moves can be made Checkmate is impossible due to not having enough material to create checkmate. (Ex. 2 kings only on the board) Agreed Draw – players agree to a draw. There are other types of draws but these are the most common.
Now you know what common endgames there are in chess time to start playing to practice.  Join our virtual chess club for group play to practice against other players weekly.  You may also practice against the computer anytime. 
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