Critical Thinking Skills Kids Learn at Chess Camp

Are you thinking about sending your child to chess camp?  Listed below are critical thinking skills your child will learn that will offer a lifetime of value. 

  1. Planning ahead:  Chess teaches your child how to visualize a problem, learn how to overcome it, and set goals to achieve a solution.  One constant in life is dealing with uncertainty and change.  Planning ahead skills will help your child become more resilient to these changes.
  2. Good Sportsmanship:  One of the first lessons your child will learn is to shake hands with their opponent before and after a game.  This handshake occurs after each win and more importantly each loss.  Your child will often learn more from their losses than from their wins.  This helps children value sportsmanship no matter if they win or lose.
  3. Problem Solving:  Whether your child is playing a game or solving puzzles chess is filled with problems to be solved.  Not only do chess camps teach children how to overcome these problems and look for solutions they also help your child identify that a problem needs to be solved.
  4. Analysis:  Not only will your child learn how to play chess they will also be taught how to analyze their games.  This offers them the ability to not only learn their own strength and weaknesses, but also those of their opponent.  This critical skill is transferable in life in so many ways.
  5. Strategic Thinking:  As your child advances in chess he or she will begin to learn how to think more strategically.  They will learn the value of pieces and advantages of squares on the board to form offensive and defensive play.
  6. Decision Making:  There are many variables in chess.  Playing this simple yet challenging game encourages your child to improve their decision making process. Whether it is to capture a piece, or put the opponent’s king in check they constantly are refining this skill.
  7. Pattern Recognition:  Recognizing patterns is a way to increase your child’s visualization and memory.  With hours of playing and learning chess different patterns emerge, and children will recognize them helping to bring past experiences into the present. 
Are you looking to send your child to a chess camp?  Chess Made Fun offers group classes for beginning chess players to learn the fundamentals of chess.  You may sign your child up for one of our fun virtual classes here:


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What other critical thinking skills did your child learn in chess camp?

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