“These young guys are playing checkers. I’m out there playing chess.” –Kobe Bryant

  1. Chess is a great way to engage others in a social and educational way, yet in a non-threatening way when the battle begins.
  2. Chess requires a strong work ethic to improve, but is actually a simple game to learn and begin playing.
  3. Forcing the the mind to focus is one of the greatest benefits to playing chess. Chess allows those who play this game to analyze and better understand their decision-making. Each game takes on a life of its own because there are so many possibilities.
  4. Although planning ahead is important, chess allows each player to live in the moment to realize the situation at hand. Many players consider this a therapeutic aspect to the game because the mind is not able to do this in everyday life.
  5. Playing chess provides a creative outlet for solving problems, and promotes inter-generational play unique to chess.


  1. The more a player understands this game, the more entertaining it becomes. Yes, it’s fun to self-reflect.
  2. Health reasons for playing chess are numerous; notably the delay of brain disease such as Alzheimer’s as well as rehabilitation due to brain injury.

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