How to Teach a Loved One to Play Chess? 

Do you know the proper rules of chess?  Are you looking for someone to play against?

If you haven’t already you should teach someone special in your life to play! 

So how do you teach someone to play chess?  Here are some pointers from

1.) Brush up on the rules.  It’s important for a new player to learn correctly the first time so they don’t get confused and have to relearn basic rules later.  Checkout this link for the basics of chess. 

2.) Have lesson time and play time.  These are two very different times.  Lesson time is where you teach, offer advice, provide feedback and help them analyze their mistakes.  Play time is where they get to practice what they learned.  Let them take their time and think through the moves. Try not to tell them what to look at or what to do when they are practicing. 

3.) Encourage them to practice outside of your time together so they don’t lose what they learn.  Consider having them join a local chess club.  You could also recommend a premium membership to  For less than one hot latte a month they could practice weekly in group play while playing opponents of different styles and skill levels.

4.) In life we are not always going to be there to point out attacks or provide solutions to problems.  Teach them the tools to handle these situations on their own.  Ask them questions don’t just tell them the answers.

5.) Consider breaking the learning down into bite sized pieces of information.  Many new players get overwhelmed with information and they stop playing thinking it is too complicated.  If you break the learning down and make it fun you will probably get better results.

Don’t have time to teach, but want a loved one to learn?  Send them our way!  We offer private and group lessons to learn the basics.  We will teach them to be a worthy opponent so you can get your match. 

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