To learn how to play chess you must first know how each piece moves.  Visit The Rules of Chess for more advance rules.


The first time you move a pawn you may move one square or two squares forward. After you have moved a pawn it may only move one square forward. 


The Rook may move side to side, forward or backward all the way across the chess board. 


The Bishops may only move diagonally across the chess board. You begin the game with a light square bishop and a dark square bishop. 


The Knight is the only piece that can jump over pieces. This piece moves one square up or down and two squares over, or two squares over and one square up or down in any direction. 


The Queen may move in any direction; side to side, forward, backward, or diagonally across the chess board. 


The King may move one square in any direction; side to side, forward, backward or diagonally. The King may never move to a square next to the opponent’s King. 


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