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Fun Ways to Learn Chess Fundamentals


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Why a coach?

  • Avoid common mistakes that are made from being self-taught
  • Change the way you think about the game; chess is not just for smart people – it’s for everyone
  • Learn how to analyze your games to improve
  • Apply regular practice and study of the game through assigned homework
  • Learning chess on your own can be difficult.  Let a coach make it easy, fun and exciting for you

Private Coaching

Beginning Chess

Learn the basics of chess from piece movement, opening principles and endgame challenges.  You will be introduced to tactics, chess notation and recording moves.  Learn how to check, checkmate and draw the game.  Each lesson will be tailored to the student. 

Intermediate Chess

Learn advanced tactics, endgame challenges and advanced opening principles to improve your ELO rating.  Analyze your own games and classic games from chess masters throughout history.  Each lesson will be tailored to the student.

Advanced Chess

Learn how to build an opening repertoire.  Emphasis on positional chess, attacking, defending, creating and exploiting weaknesses.  Formulating and executing a plan.  Each lesson will be tailored to the student.