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Fun Ways to Learn Chess Fundamentals


Making the best move is as important in chess as it is in life.  The rules of chess are so simple, but its nature, so mysterious. For this reason, chess has survived the test of time.  Join us for private or group lessons.  In these fun virtual introductions to chess you will learn piece movements, checkmate and important fundamentals.


  • Exercises for pawn and knight piece movements
  • Bishop, rook, king and queen and piece movements
  • Learn how to check, checkmate and draw the game
  • Learn notation and how to record moves
  • And much more…


Share the experience of learning the fundamentals of chess.

This is an 8-week course.

Wednesday’s Class  3:30-4:30 pm EST

Begins: 1/13/21 – Ends 3/3/21

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Don’t know how to play chess? Learn how to play the Pawns Game in this video. It is a simple game to learn and win, and only takes a couple of minutes to play. This is an excellent way to establish chess fundamentals for beginners.


Once you have learned the Pawn’s Game, try the Knight’s Game. It is a simple game that teaches how the complicated knight moves.
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