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Our Vision

Chess Made Fun is bringing the love and fun of chess to West Georgia to enrich lives. We feel the best way to spread the love of chess is to begin in our local community.  Join us to learn the basics of chess, participate in weekly group play, special events and make new friends. 

 Whether you are new to the game of chess or a chess pro, come join us for chess fun!

Join us today and your membership will help us expand events throughout West Georgia. 







Reviews from our local members

"It’s a great place to play chess, good chess and learn chess. We enjoy it”
“I really enjoy the club it’s educational, a great way to meet people and the desserts and coffee are good.”
“There’s no place I rather be. I didn’t have anything like this when I was growing up. As far as I knew chess was played in places like New York and California. Maybe I could have stirred up a game of checkers in the day but there was nothing like this. This is wonderful.”