Back in 2011 we came across an image online of the World Chess Hall of Fame in the city of St. Louis, MO. As casual chess players learning about this sport for the first time, we knew little about the history of chess in America aside from the famous Marshall Chess Club in New York City where Bobby Fischer played. It turns out that the city of St. Louis since that time has attracted chess Grandmasters from all over the United States. When we realized we were going on a trip 30 minutes from St. Louis, we changed our schedule, so we could visit.  With our 2-year old in tow, we couldn’t explore the exhibits as much as we would have liked, but had so much fun!

When we crossed the street and saw the largest chess king in the Guinness Book World of Records we were in awe!  The patio chess set with tables set up to play excited us.  

Our fantasy of meeting a Grandmaster and playing a game intensified as we approached the building. Seeing the boards made us think this dream could come true.  

Currently the museum has 3 exhibits. If you are a science fiction fan you will not want to miss Ground Control: A Journey Trough Chess and Space. They share the history of astronauts playing chess in space – so cool!

Visiting the gift shop was more exciting to us than the exhibits. Although the last thing we needed is another chess board, we’ve had our eye on this wobble chess set for awhile, and will definitely be adding this item to our website soon.  

We weren’t able to visit the St. Louis Chess Club, but have it on our wish list for the future.  If you are in the area, or visiting, they even have a beginning class for kids and adults on Sundays.

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