Places You Never Thought of for Chess Events

Looking for a new venue for your chess club to host events?  Don’t have money to rent rooms?  Here are some suggestions that we recommend. 

Community/Recreation Center

A community or recreation center attracts a wide audience, and can be the perfect location to begin a chess meetup.  Some will waive the rental fee if you open your events to the public.  


Libraries come in many varieties, and usually offer areas large enough to accommodate a chess event.  They might even advertise your club events to their members. 


What could be better than a lively restaurant or café to host a chess meetup.  Check to see which day of the week is slow at these locations.  They might be willing to reserve tables for your club. 

Coffee Shop/Bakery

Looking for a more intimate location for smaller events?  Don’t forget to check with your local coffee shop and bakeries.  They might even being willing to post a sign at their location, or share a post on their social media sites to help you grow your club. 

Bookstore/Comic Store

Book and comic stores typically have a tables and chairs set out where you can play games.  Check with the owners to see if they will allow your club to host chess events.  This will bring them new potential customers as well as give your club a place to play. 

City/County Park

Most parks offer covered pavilions with a beautiful view!  There’s nothing quite like playing chess outside on a beautiful sunny day.  Check with your local parks to see if you can host a weekly event for your community, and they will usually waive the fee if there is one. 

Private Homes

A private home offers many options.  Are you looking for more intimacy in your chess setting?  A private home offers this and more.  Would you rather keep play fresh?  Players may instead decide to rotate homes for an unexpected twist each time.  What about indoor play or outdoor play?  A private home is the perfect setting for a patio or giant chess set in the backyard.

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