Play Chess While Traveling

Are you on the go this summer and looking to include some family chess time on vacation? Let us help you plan your next chess adventure that will sure to excite the family with some friendly competition.

1. Chess Club: Visit a local chess club. Chess clubs usually have weekly events you may attend. It is a great way to meet local chess players and explore the city you are traveling to. Check out our directory of chess clubs here.

2. Scavenger Hunt: Most big cities have giant garden chess sets outside. Make it a scavenger hunt for the kids to use clues to find the location of the garden chess set and play a game as a family.

3. Play while traveling: Will you be stuck in an airport or have the kids packed in the car for hours. Bring a compact chess set either pegged or magnetic to keep playing while traveling.

4. Online: There are many online chess apps for you and the kids to play while on vacation. Take some time to work on your endgame with mate in one or two puzzles, find someone instantly to play chess with or work on your openings. Checkout this article for some of our top recommendations of apps for kids.

5. Chess Roulette – Take a chess set with you to local coffee shop or restaurant. Set up the chess set with an empty seat across from you. Invite locals to play a game of chess with you. Learn more about their community and spread the love of chess.

We hope everyone has safe travels and is able to get in some chess playing time on your next getaway. 

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