Playing Chess at an Assisted Living Center

Are you looking for teaching opportunities that you can schedule before 3pm? Reach out to an assisted living facility or senior center. Talk to the activities director about starting a chess program.

They are always looking for new activities they can introduce to their residents or members. Some already know how to play chess and will enjoy playing against their peers.

For those who do not know how to play we recommend starting out with mini-games to teach them how the pieces move. Check out How to Play the Pawns Game and the Knights Game for ideas.

Plan for an hour so you do not exhaust your students. Learning chess can be overwhelming for some so take breaks as needed.

Also if you know of other chess players in the area plan a day for them to come play with the residents or members. Often times residents do not receive many visitors and would love to play with people of all ages. 

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We truly feel the game of chess can and will benefit families and groups. The game of chess it seems is being unearthed in a new and balanced way to improve social interactions. Visualization becomes a powerful tool to young and old minds where wonder and breakthrough energies abound. Like never before, our special relationship with this remarkable game and the way we deliver it will truly benefit families for years to come.


Chess Made Fun provides moderately priced chess instruction, supporting products and technology tailored to the fun and learning of chess. Chess Made Fun provides and promotes opportunity, exploration and adventure in areas of specialized and applied learning.

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