Playing Chess Outside

With the weather warming up and summer upon us outdoor activities increase. Make sure you have a travel chess set so you may play chess anywhere you please. Consider leaving it in your car so it is always with you.

Here are some outdoor activities and boards we recommend:

Hiking/Backpacking: We love to take our chess set with us to play while we are hiking and backpacking. Consider a roll-up travel tournament chess set that is lightweight. Attach your lightweight chess set to your hiking bag so you have it handy.

Camping: Do your kids get bored while camping? Take a wooden travel chess set with you for some over the board fun. Most campsites come with a view so you can be taking in the great outdoors while offering a fun family activity.

Need a break from swimming? Our silicone chess travel chess set is perfect for the lake or pool side. The board and pieces repel water so if it gets wet your board will not devalue.

Park: If you are looking for a setting that will excite your children even more check out our garden chess sets. You may take them with you for your park days and the kids will crowd around in excitement.

Cookout/Family Gathering: Looking to get a couple of games going during your next back yard cookout or family gathering? Set out a table and a couple of tournament chess sets. These pieces are heavier than our light weight set and people love the weight of them.

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We truly feel the game of chess can and will benefit families and groups. The game of chess it seems is being unearthed in a new and balanced way to improve social interactions. Visualization becomes a powerful tool to young and old minds where wonder and breakthrough energies abound. Like never before, our special relationship with this remarkable game and the way we deliver it will truly benefit families for years to come.


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