Summertime is here, and some are still practicing social distancing.  Looking for some new games or activities that are fun for your kids, but packed full of educational benefits?  Look no further than Chess Made Fun for some of the top games for kids and families!

Camelot Jr

Top Summer Fun Games:

  1. Chess 4+ years – Chess is the perfect activity for family fun this summer.  While school is out keep your child’s brain working all while playing a game.  All you need is a decent chess set, and if you don’t know how to play download the basic rules here.  Check out our YouTube channel for mini-games to get you started. 
  2. Bunny Boo 2-4 years – Not only will this game teach primary colors to your toddler, but your child will learn directions while working on motor skills.
  3. Camelot Jr 4-6 years – Chess-themed, and a fun, unique twist on puzzle games that will help develop logic and spatial reasoning.
  4. Laser Maze 6-8 years – Strategically place satellites throughout the maze game to guide the laser’s path, but watch out for space rocks that might get in the way.
  5. Walls & Warriors 8-10 years – Brain power is needed to protect your castle in this exciting game with 80 increasingly difficult challenges.
  6. Cube Puzzler PRO 10-12 years – Playing Cube Puzzler PRO stimulates the following cognitive abilities: planning, problem solving and spatial insight. 
  7. Solitaire Chess 12+ years – Solitaire Chess combines the rules of traditional chess and peg solitaire to bring you a delightful and vigorous brain workout.

What’s your favorite summer activity or game?

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