Rules of Castling 

Have you ever seen a chess player move the King and the Rook at the same time?  This rule is called castling.  Castling is a special rule you can use one time during each game. 

This rule helps keep your king safe by moving it from the center of the board.  There are 4 rules to castling. 

1. You may only castle if you haven’t moved the King or the Rook you want to castle with.

2. You may not castle if there are piece(s) in between your King and the Rook you want to castle with. 

3. You may not castle if you’re in check.

4. You may not castle through check.

Remember when you use this special move, move the King first and then the Rook to make it a legal move.  If you touch the rook first then you must move the Rook and may not castle.

If you are new to chess it is important to keep your King safe so try to castle as early as possible.

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