Setting up a Virtual Chess Club

Whether you’re meeting in person again and looking for a virtual way to offer group play and tournaments, or your club has been shut down for a year and you’re ready to get things started off on the right foot again;  Chess Made Fun’s virtual platform has something for you.  

Features of Chess Made Fun’s Virtual Platform:

Virtual Classroom:

Teach group lessons for up to 15 players at a time with interactive video conferencing and a virtual chessboard. You can save lessons to your sharebox and load them during the class for easy reference.

Group Area:

Your members can logon and play each other at any time or you can set up a specific day and time to have everyone meet up for group play. Games will be saved and can be referenced during the classroom as well.


Setting up a virtual tournament for your club is so easy with our platform. Tournaments currently available are Swiss, Quad or Swiss team. There is a public link you can share to your members so spectators may watch your tournament live as it progresses.


Want to have a club simul you can set up one person to play your club members with a public link you may share for spectators to watch live.


You can send out a chat to a specific person or group of people to get messages out to your club members.

You will need some way to connect your members and provide updates.  Here are some features we recommend in addition to Chess Made Fun’s virtual platform to set up a virtual chess club:


There are many options to setup free websites now a days. If you are looking for one try site.  A website is a great way to tell members about your club and coaches.  You can add a calendar for your events and even have a join page so interested players could send you their information.  

Social Media:

It is important to know the demographics of your club and use a platform that works well for your members. We find Facebook works well for groups they offer a public page or private group for your club. You can create polls, schedule events with reminders, and post pictures from your events to build excitement.

Email Campaign:

Running an organized email campaign is a great way to keep your members informed of events, play times and tournaments. Mailchimp offers a free account for up to 2,000 contacts and is easy to setup and use.

If you are interested in taking your chess club virtually contact Yvonne at 678-952-9897 or by email at

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We truly feel the game of chess can and will benefit families and groups. The game of chess it seems is being unearthed in a new and balanced way to improve social interactions. Visualization becomes a powerful tool to young and old minds where wonder and breakthrough energies abound. Like never before, our special relationship with this remarkable game and the way we deliver it will truly benefit families for years to come.


Chess Made Fun provides moderately priced chess instruction, supporting products and technology tailored to the fun and learning of chess. Chess Made Fun provides and promotes opportunity, exploration and adventure in areas of specialized and applied learning.

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