Teaching Chess Step by Step (Volumes 1 - 3)


Teaching Chess Step by Step Complete Set
The Kasparov Chess Foundation
Three-volume Series

by Igor Khmelnitsky, Michael Khodarkovsky
and Michael Zadorozny

The most thorough and complete curriculum for teaching chess!


  • Volume 1:
    Teaching Chess, Step by Step – Teacher’s Manual, 336 pages
    Few materials exist to help the classroom teacher who has never played chess or knows only some chess. This manual was designed to address this deficiency. It is written in a manner that allows the teacher to see how to present the material in his or her classroom. This manual will lead a group of beginning students from the rudiments of chess rules to the ability of playing a full game in a competent manner.
  • Volume 2:
    Teaching Chess, Step by Step – Exercises, 176 pages
    This book is designed to be a companion of Book 1, Teaching Chess Step by Step – Teacher’s Manual. It contains a series of exercises designed to reinforce the knowledge that children gain from the teacher’s presentations in the classroom. The exercises were designed for K-12 beginners and require a minimum of explanation. The solution may be written in chess notation or drawn on the board.The teacher can use the exercises for presentation in class or as homework. They are designed for individual or group use. With respect to homework, it is advised that during the class the teacher shows some examples that are slightly modified versions of the exercises in the book, so the children will gain some understanding of the subject matter and what is asked of them.
  • Volume 3:
    Teaching Chess, Step by Step Volume 3 – Activities, 48 pages
    The activities in third book in the series are the fun way to reinforce the rules and principles of good chess. Full color cartoon characters, are combined with pages that the young student can color, all designed to help the student understand the rules, principles and even the etiquette of the game of chess.


Igor Khmelnitsky is an International Master and author of the best-selling books Chess Exam and Training Guide and Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics.

Michael Khodarkovsky is an experienced chess instructor and executive director of the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

Michael Zadorozny is an experienced chess instructor and author of the best-selling book Learning to Checkmate.

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