Intermediate Chess Tactics


Intermediate Chess Tactics is a workbook that contains 300 tactics puzzles (no checkmates) for intermediate level chess players. The Intermediate Chess Tactics workbook is split into six chapters of 50 puzzles each.

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Each chapter covers a specific tactic and the final chapter is a final exam where you’re not told which tactic applies, only that the correct answer will involve one of the tactics learned in a previous chapter.

Chapter One, forks
Chapter Two, pins
Chapter Three, skewers
Chapter Four, remove the defender
Chapter Five end games
Chapter Six, final exam

Many chess puzzle books ask the player to solve all the puzzles from the perspective of the white pieces. But that’s not realistic. In Intermediate Chess Tactics, the player will be asked to solve puzzles from the vantage point of the black pieces as well.

This book is available now on as a set of 6 eBooks. Each chapter is its own 50 puzzle eBook, so you can work on specific tactics. Volume 6 covers all types of tactics, not one specifically. Each book has a completely different set of 50 puzzles.

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