3 Fun Chess Lessons for Small Children

Are you looking for fun chess lessons to make the process enjoyable for small children?  Here are 3 mini-games that are sure to encourage your child to want to learn more without overwhelming them.  Small children have a short attention span, so plan for 5-10 minute lessons to get them started a few times a […]

5 Ways to Motivate My Child to Play and Learn Chess


Here are 5 tips that could help your child play and learn chess. 1. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day of uninterrupted learning time devoted to chess a couple of days a week.  If you are trying to teach your child how to play chess, and have the tv on or devices available they may become distracted.  Make […]

How to Sign Up for a Free Chess.com Account

Chess.com is a loved website and mobile app for the chess community. Some of the benefits include: Free account or Paid Subscription Plan Online learning through lessons, puzzles and puzzle rush Chat and message other players Setup a club for your local club members Allows you to play timed games, or gives up to 14 […]

How To Become A Better Chess Player

There are countless learning resources for those beginning players interested in improving their chess game. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to get started. The solutions mentioned here simple to understand, so the viewer may take that first step with confidence. This video is a first in a series about learning chess fundamentals. […]

What Games Help Kids Learn to Play Chess Faster?

Chess is a lot for kids to learn how to play.  If your child is learning chess at a rate slower than anticipated there are a few things you can do that will not only motivate them to learn quicker, but will also build learning fundamentals known as meta-cognition (learning to learn). Begin with chess […]