Chess Love Story

Sometime in the summer of 2008 while we were dating Warren introduced me to a game he enjoyed playing. The game was chess. He would travel to the Atlanta Chess Center and talk about how so many kids were crushing him in tournaments. I could tell he was serious about becoming a better player. One […]

3 Fun Chess Lessons for Small Children

Are you looking for fun chess lessons to make the process enjoyable for small children?  Here are 3 mini-games that are sure to encourage your child to want to learn more without overwhelming them.  Small children have a short attention span, so plan for 5-10 minute lessons to get them started a few times a […]

Critical Thinking Skills Kids Learn at Chess Camp

Are you thinking about sending your child to chess camp?  Listed below are critical thinking skills your child will learn that will offer a lifetime of value.  Planning ahead:  Chess teaches your child how to visualize a problem, learn how to overcome it, and set goals to achieve a solution.  One constant in life is […]

Teaching Our 3 Year Old To Play Chess

Being Chess players, coaches and enthusiasts of the game, we are always learning and finding new things to excite our passion.  With chess being such a widely played and commentated sport there are tons of materials from years ago to now that find their way to us.  Nothing has increased our passion more than being able […]

5 Ways to Motivate My Child to Play and Learn Chess


Here are 5 tips that could help your child play and learn chess. 1. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day of uninterrupted learning time devoted to chess a couple of days a week.  If you are trying to teach your child how to play chess, and have the tv on or devices available they may become distracted.  Make […]

How to Set Up and Get an Online Chess Club Going

With COVID-19 and social distancing practices everyone is finding online opportunities to begin chess clubs.  If you are ready to begin an online chess club here are some tips to help you out.  Chess Made Fun recommends creating a website to update your members on group play, and add content to attract new to beginning […]

Introduction to Chess Pieces

To learn how to play chess you must first know how each piece moves.  Visit The Rules of Chess for more advance rules. Pawn:  The first time you move a pawn you may move one square or two squares forward. After you have moved a pawn it may only move one square forward.  Rook: The […]

Products for Social Distancing/Summer Fun

Summertime is here, and some are still practicing social distancing.  Looking for some new games or activities that are fun for your kids, but packed full of educational benefits?  Look no further than Chess Made Fun for some of the top games for kids and families! Top Summer Fun Games: Chess 4+ years – Chess […]

Creating a FREE Account

Want to play chess from anywhere and with anyone around the world? Here is how to set up a FREE account. With there are several options to play. Check out our affiliate link (

How to Sign Up for a Free Account is a loved website and mobile app for the chess community. Some of the benefits include: Free account or Paid Subscription Plan Online learning through lessons, puzzles and puzzle rush Chat and message other players Setup a club for your local club members Allows you to play timed games, or gives up to 14 […]