Critical Thinking Skills Kids Learn at Chess Camp

Are you thinking about sending your child to chess camp?  Listed below are critical thinking skills your child will learn that will offer a lifetime of value.  Planning ahead:  Chess teaches your child how to visualize a problem, learn how to overcome it, and set goals to achieve a solution.  One constant in life is […]

5 Ways to Motivate My Child to Play and Learn Chess


Here are 5 tips that could help your child play and learn chess. 1. Set aside 10-15 minutes a day of uninterrupted learning time devoted to chess a couple of days a week.  If you are trying to teach your child how to play chess, and have the tv on or devices available they may become distracted.  Make […]

How to Play the Knights Game

Want to teach your child how to play chess? Don’t get overwhelmed with all of the pieces on the board. Learn how to play the knights game in this video. It is a simple game to learn and only takes 5 – 10 minutes to play. This is an excellent way to establish chess fundamentals […]