One reason I love “Teaching Chess Step by Step” is the activities and exercises starts with the pawns game.  Warren and I use this teaching method for players that are just learning chess for the first time.

Starting with all 32 pieces that have different movements can be overwhelming.  Starting with just the pawns teaches players how pawns move, capture and their special power of promotion.

Once our players understand pawn movements we then start to introduce the other pieces until the player understands how each piece moves.

The other courses in “Teaching Chess Step by Step” are easy to understand.  Any school athletics coach or senior center activities director can use this set to teach players of all ages the fun and rules of chess! Book 2 has plenty of pages you can copy and hand out to the class or group.

The Kasparov Chess Foundation
Three-volume Series
by Igor Khmelnitsky, Michael Khodarkovsky
and Michael Zadorozny
The most thorough and complete curriculum for teaching chess!

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