Teaching Our 3 Year Old To Play Chess

Being Chess players, coaches and enthusiasts of the game, we are always learning and finding new things to excite our passion.  With chess being such a widely played and commentated sport there are tons of materials from years ago to now that find their way to us. 
Nothing has increased our passion more than being able to introduce this beautiful game to our daughter, Angelene.  She has been interested in the chessboard and pieces since she was old enough to touch and reach them.  Around two years of age we began teaching her the names of pieces, and played mini-games from the book, Chess is Child’s Play, to guide her.  
Instead of introducing her to piece movement we decided the next step was to teach her how to set up the board.  We began this process at two and a half years of age, and worked with her for two months.  We took a break for a few months after she lost interest in the lesson.  We didn’t want to push her to play. We only wanted to encourage her. 
She turned three at the end of December, so we pulled out the board again in the hope that she would want to play.  Much to our surprise her excitement returned, and she remembered pretty well how to put the pieces on the board.  Checkout this YouTube video to see how she is doing. 
When we let her play with the pieces and board without instruction, she has begun to set the pieces in the center of the square by herself.  This is sometimes difficult for young children to learn.  A lot of “playing chess” with her is letting her use her imagination to have fun.  Our actual lesson time is between 5-10 minutes, or until her attention span fades usually twice per week.    

If you are interested in teaching your young child how to play chess we encourage you to join us on this journey!  You may like our Facebook page, or subscribe to our YouTube channel for more information.   Let us know your favorite memory of teaching your child to play chess in the comments below. 

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We truly feel the game of chess can and will benefit families and groups. The game of chess it seems is being unearthed in a new and balanced way to improve social interactions. Visualization becomes a powerful tool to young and old minds where wonder and breakthrough energies abound. Like never before, our special relationship with this remarkable game and the way we deliver it will truly benefit families for years to come.


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