Want to Start a Chess Club – 5 Things to Consider

If you want to start a chess club here are some questions you might ask yourself. Are you passionate about chess, or are you a coach who wants to find students? Are you looking to start a new social club? Can you commit to a schedule of chess events for your club? Can you be consistent even though the turnout may be low? Would you welcome beginners and show them how to play?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you may be ready to start a chess club. Here are 5 things you will want to consider to get you started:
  1. Purchase Equipment: Chess sets are the most essential equipment you will need. For new chess clubs without membership fees you might want to start with a economical club tournament chess set reach out to Yvonne via email for discounts on purchasing multiple sets.
  2. Find a venue:   There are many places within your community that will consider letting you host chess events for free.  Checkout this article for some ideas Places You Never Thought of for Chess Events.
  3. Promote your Club:  Consider printing up flyers or business cards and ask local businesses to leave for their customers.  This is a great way to spread the word about your new club.  For more tips on marketing check out this article: Marketing Your Chess Club.
  4. Recruit coaches: Even if you are a chess coach you may want to consider finding another coach either in your area or close by. It is nice to have at least one coach at each event so questions that arise may be answered correctly. Coaches may also work with newer players teaching them the basic rules. This is a great way to recruit private students for lessons as well.
  5. Grow your club: The best way to grow your chess club is to make sure new to beginning players feel welcome. If you only cater to high level players the number of high level players in your area may be limited. If you teach new people how to play they are sure to tell their friends and families and help promote your future events.
Bonus Tip- Once you have established your chess club email us at eve@chessmadefun.com to be added to our directory. This will help our customers find their way to your chess club.

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