What to do on National Chess Day

National Chess Day in the US is the second Saturday of October each year.  People all over the US come together to celebrate by playing chess.  Here are some ideas of how you can celebrate this special day in your community. 

Challenge a friend or family member to play chess with you over the board:  Consider taking the game outdoors to enjoy some fresh air while you play.  You could play at a park, lake, garden, or even your backyard.  If the weather is nice this is a great way to enjoy some good games. 

Teach someone how to play chess:  No matter the age find someone who doesn’t know how to play and introduce them to the greatest game!  Depending on their age you may want to start with mini-games .  Checkout these YouTube videos the pawns game and the knights game

Purchase some chess equipment:  If there is a chess store in your community consider shopping local.  No chess store in your community?  Consider supporting a small business like ChessMadeFun.com. Are you ready to upgrade your chess set?  We offer ChessCraft handmade solid wood boards, travel tournament sets, waterproof sets for the pool or lake as well as novelty chess items that will show off your love for chess.  Check out our online store here.  

Throw a chess party: Who doesn’t love a good party especially a CHESS party.  Determine a venue.  Here are some places you never thought about for chess events/parties. Need more tips on how to host the best themed-party checkout this article

Watch a chess movie, livestream or YouTube video:  A few of our favorite movies are Searching for Bobby Fischer, Queen to Play, Queen of Katwe, or Magnus.  Head over to twitch and search chess to view available livestreams.  Check out our YouTube channel or search chess and choose what interests you most.  Consider hosting your own movie night for friends and family to join in on.  Here is an article on how to throw the perfect movie night.

Read a chess blog, article or book:  Looking for a good blog to read with lots of chess ideas for clubs, families, children, seniors and more?  Head over to google and search chess and then select the news tab.  This will populate some of the most popular recent articles for you.  Grab your favorite chess book.  Just getting started and not sure what to read check out these books for beginner to intermediate players.  

Host your own tournament:  It could be a rated USCF or non-rated tournament.  Either way you are sure to enjoy some competition on a special day for chess.  Not sure how to host a tournament consider reaching out to your state chess association or the USCF to find a tournament director to help you. 

Join/Start a chess club:  Looking for a chess club head over to our directory to search for a chess club in your area?  If you aren’t able to locate one close to you contact us at eve@chessmadefun.com and we will search for clubs in your area.  No clubs in your area?  Consider starting a chess club in your community to spread the love of chess.  Check out this blog for tips to get you started.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and they assist you with celebrating National Chess Day in your community while having fun.  Let us know what ideas/plans you have National Chess Day this year in the comments or share some pictures on our facebook page.

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