What’s the Best Way to Teach Chess to my 2-Year Old?

Are you ready to teach your toddler how to play chess? Do you have hopes of your child loving the game as much as you do? Ready to pass down a favorite family pastime?

If you’re like us you answered YES to all of the above. At 2-years old chess can be overwhelming and complex. Below are 5 tips to help you on your journey:

1. Read chess themed stories about castles, knights, queens and kings. Also read some chess books about the pieces and how they move. Check out Parker’s Chess Adventure about Parker the Pawn’s journey to play chess at Kyle the King’s castle.

2. Introduce Chess themed toys that they can play with and use their imagination. Like this Fold & Go Castle by Melissa and Doug or Wooden Castle Play Set. The pieces are wood like most chessmen and are fun to move around.

3. Set a daily “Chess Time” for 15 minutes. Start with reading and letting them play chess themed activities during this time. When they are old enough introduce them to their first chess set and let them play with it during this special “Chess Time”. We recommend a silicone chess set for young children while being supervised with the pieces.

4. Teach them the names of the pieces and make fun mini games out of it. For mini games and more we recommend Chess is Child’s Play that is written for parents – the most thorough and complete curriculum for teaching chess!

5. Once they know what the names of the pieces are teach them mini-games that introduce how the pieces move, attack and capture. Checkout these free YouTube videos how to play the pawns game and how to play the knights game. These are the most difficult pieces to learn and playing over and over again your child will learn through repetition.

We know you googled this topic to find out how to get your 2-year old to checkmate. Let’s face it – kids at this age can’t grasp that concept right away. These 5 tips will help your 2-year old get started playing chess and hopefully will inspire them to play chess as they grow through the years.

Remember to make learning chess fun or your child might lose interest. What are your favorite tips of teaching chess that worked for your toddlers? 

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