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Chess Made Fun

Making chess fun for everyone!

6 reasons to teach your child to play chess...


Simple Rules

The rules of chess are simple and easy to learn. Children as young as 2 may be taught how to play chess.

Low Cost Fun

A tournament travel set for $19.95 is what we recommend for new players.

Technology-Off Approach

When you teach your child to play chess on an actual chess board, this offers hours of technology-off fun compared with playing online.

Building Relationships

Chess bridges the gap between different age groups where conversation can flourish.

Improves Math and English Scores

Chess has been proven to raise both Math and English scores.  This game also teaches patience, problem solving, planning ahead, and most importantly, good sportsmanship.

Great History

Only a game this fun could withstand the test of time! The history of chess is said to go back almost 1,500 years. Chess is the oldest board game still in existence.  The game has been handed down through the generations.